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January 26, 2012
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Abortion is not a crime by impersonalinfo Abortion is not a crime by impersonalinfo
Well now I'm in a pretty pickle. I know for a fact I didn't make up this slogan, but Google isn't helping me find out who did.

Credit goes to whoever. :P
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citadeI Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
Great way to make all those raped teens having babies who have gotten an abortion feel guilty and shitty. ;)
MizuMegamiSama Featured By Owner 2 days ago
That wouldn't actually help anything, because you'd just have women going the coat-hanger, back-door abortion route.  Give yourself a pat on the back for promoting a step backwards! :w00t:
clream Featured By Owner 3 days ago
That would only make the situation worse. Women would still get abortions. Illegal abortions. Which is extremely UNSAFE and puts women and children at risk!!
Sassycat2 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Well, the children are already at risk, so...
AntiRCCZealot Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Where does the Bible condemn abortion? The last time I studied, it wasn't "pro-life" at all.
blackcross53 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thou shalt not kill.. One of the commandments. It's not just physical but also spiritual.
AntiRCCZealot Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Ah, it's the one commandment the Christian pro-life anti-abortionists would often cite as an argument for their positions. First of all, I'd like to say that I am a firm believer in Christ who has often been falsely accused of hating gays and lesbians and being homophobic just because I believe one cannot call oneself a Christian and practice homosexual acts at the same time and viciously condemned by right-wing Christian zealots and Catholic apologetic for supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage for the reasons that have more to do with granting fellow human beings equal human rights. Just someone who has been called various names by both extreme sides. But anyways, moving on to the topic of abortion from an entirely Christian perspective.

Regardless of what the pro-life anti-abortionists argue, there are strong Biblical evidence that God doesn't seem to mind terminating one's pregnancy at all and my argument for that can be backed up in Exodus 21:22-25, Numbers 3:14-16, Numbers 5 and Leviticus 27:6-7. Don't believe me? Think I am being heretical and perverting God's Word? And I shouldn't call myself a Christian for saying that? Well, let's take a closer examination of the passages that have an explicit mention of abortion but clearly point in the opposite direction that the anti-abortionists would never imagine.

In Exodus 21:22-25, God commands a man to be killed if he strikes a pregnant woman and she dies from his blows. But he's to ONLY pay a fine for physically harming her if she just miscarries. If God seriously considered the fetus inside the woman's womb alive, He would still call for the man's death for causing her to miscarry with a physical assault. But He doesn't, so from His point of view, the "Thou Shalt Not Kill" commandment doesn't apply to the fetus getting terminated. 

Numbers 3:14-16 could be a shocking realization for all the pro-life anti-abortionists. The only reasonable explanation from the pro-life perspective that I can give for the passage is that it may well have been a harsh necessity in an ancient society that couldn't afford to get attached to its newborns until it was likely that they were going to survive. Nonetheless, it hardly fits with the modern "pro-life" argument. In the passage, not only God does NOT instruct Moses to count pregnant women twice, but He also doesn't even want babies WHO ARE OUT OF THE WOMB AND LESS THAN A MONTH OLD to be counted! If an unborn fetus possesses the moral status of personhood, then a pregnant woman SHOULD BE counted as two people in the census NO MATTER WHAT. But God doesn't instruct Moses to do that, so there's an undeniable proof, once again, God doesn't consider the unborn fetus alive and therefore, wouldn't see abortion as a murder. 

The same thing can be said in Leviticus 27:6-7, where God sets out the monetary value of human lives and places NO VALUE on children of either sex, again, LESS THAN A MONTH OLD and NO EXTRA VALUE on pregnant women. 

And finally, here's one last verse that supports the argument that God doesn't seem to mind abortion: In Numbers 5, God prescribes to Moses that if a man suspects his wife of being unfaithful, even if he has no witnesses or any other proof, he may bring her to the priests to undergo a trial by ordeal. According to the passage, the potion of bitter water will have no effect if the woman has been faithful, but if she's cheated on her husband and gotten pregnant, it will rot her body and cause her to have a miscarriage. That's not the strategy I would personally go with, but it clearly proves IN THE CONTEXT that GOd doesn't care if the unborn fetus is terminated inside. 

And nowhere in the New Testament can one find an anti-abortionist find the passage to use as an argument for their pro life position because there is NONE. Neither Jesus nor the Apostles mention it anywhere. 

That all said, if God doesn't think the unborn fetus has some sort of the moral status of personhood and that terminating it does NOT count as a murder, why should we?

In reality and according to those verses I've provided as biblical arguments for my position on abortion, God is NOT "pro-life" at all. The pro-life just cooked that up. And they say it's the most important aspect in the Bible, when it's not even in there. I am literally amazed by how easily tricked they have been into the whole mess. Don't believe me? Go read the Bible yourself and study those passages in the context.

But here's the kicker for the pro-life anti-abortionist. It's also the reason I've been called all kinds of names by those obnoxious "pro-choice" or "pro-abortion" extremists. Abortions being carried out as a necessity due to a woman's life being at risk or forced pregnancy against the woman's will (AKA rape) are much, MUCH rarer than people think. On the contrary, the majority of them, especially in the Western world, are often the result of fornicators not wanting to take any responsibility. Now, that is something I find repulsive and have to sternly condemn. If they knew they would get the woman/girl pregnant and have no intention of being parents or getting married, then why the heck would they have premarital sex in the first freaking place? That's why people sometimes would find me speaking out against abortions in the Western world as pregnancy as a result of fornication/premarital sex is much more common and prevalent than rape or miscarriage. My reason for that has got nothing to do with "protecting the life of the unborn fetus" and more to do with the fact that those, who have willingly brought an unwanted pregnancy on the girl/woman through consensual premarital sexual relationship, not being accountable for their own actions because though abortion, like I said earlier, is not condemned in the Bible, fornication is. 

You may also bring up China's infamous one-child policy. Now, I am strongly against that, but not for the same reason as you think. Women who work for government departments are subject to an invasive medical exam once a year to make sure they are abhering to the policy, even if they already went through menopause. It's not because abortion is "an immoral act of murder which God condemns" but because the Chinese Communist Party, a totalitarian political establishment, is controlling EVERYTHING, like LITERALLY, which goes against my personal belief in individualism and free thoughts. The whole family life is mandated by government. Official legislation forces you to visit your elderly relatives. 
blackcross53 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
Yes that's true but God dose claim that he gives life and it's not ours to take away.
Though it dose not exactly say that abortion is wrong, but it dose state not to commit 
murder. My thoughts is before sex if someone is going to do it outside of marriage then please
to at least do it protected or tie tubes. The main Question to always ask if you don't know the answer or cant find it in the bible is 

"Is God going to get glory out of what I'm doing?" If yes. truly in your heart yes then do it if no then don't.

The bible don't even speaks against clubbing but he dose says "don't be unequally yoked." It means you are in the world but don't act like the world.
 As far as others calling you names just ignore them. remember they've called Jesus names but that didn't stop him. And they do me the same as well.
Just keep the faith and keep living by the word of God! :)
citadeI Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
Hey sorry for butting in here but murder is used for killing things such as humans but a feces has no feelings thoughts ect. So it wouldn't quite qualify as murder as far as I know
blackcross53 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Sorry  pal this is what i believe in I don't care what anyone says even if God says 
otherwise I'm builded on this and nothing will change it. Murder is murder even if they don't 
know it. Physical or spiritual.
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